Public Sector Entities Reduce Use Of Electricity Under EECP


January 10, 2016





KINGSTON, Jamaica (JIS) – The Government is achieving its goal of reducing electricity  used by  its Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), through the introduction of energy efficient solutions, under the Energy Efficiency and  Conservation Programme (EECP).

So effective is the thrust, that the Government is extending the three-year programme.

 “The programme has realised a good measure of success and so Government has decided to extend it for another two years,” states Project Manager for the EECP, in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Wayne Williams.

Government has had to pay annual cost of almost  $13 billion for electricity used by  its entities, and the  aim is to reduce the figure by $2 billion with the  introduction of  several key strategic energy saving interventions.

The measures were recommended following an audit of the energy use by the public sector, with the overall objective to cut public sector energy consumption by 25 per cent.

After the implementation of the energy efficient solutions at one of the agencies, the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), there is now savings of 17.5 per cent per annum on its energy bill. 

There are others too, such as the Office of the Prime Minister, the Donald Sangster Building (Tax Administration Jamaica), Sugar Industry Authority Head Office, and the Greater Portmore Police Station, which also benefitted from the retrofitting of their buildings and are also reporting savings of eight to 23 per cent.

Overall, the Government has so far realised savings of some $80 million at the end of September 2015 under the EECP, which has been implemented in 40 public sector facilities.

The solutions, which include solar control film on windows, ‘cool roof’ heat control solutions on roofs, and the overhauling of the air conditioning systems, were provided under the EECP, aimed at reducing energy costs across the public sector.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the JIS, Donna-Marie Rowe, says cost containment continues to be a key objective of the JIS and the EECP has contributed significantly in reducing the agency’s energy bill, especially with the installation of the new air conditioning system.

Meanwhile, Williams pointed out that other entities have been experiencing significant reductions.

He told JIS News that the Donald Sangster Building (Income tax) in Kingston, and the Greater Portmore Police Station, in St Catherine, only received air condition replacements and are showing 22 and 20 per cent reductions in energy consumption.

The EECP was scheduled to conclude at the end of 2015.  The extension, to be financed by the Government, will facilitate the implementation of the energy saving strategies in other entities.  The ultimate goal is to retrofit the entire public sector with energy saving systems, so that the Government will serve as a model for energy efficiency and conservation in Jamaica.

The Government is also planning to position Jamaica as the leader in the Caribbean, in the use of renewable energy, as it systematically carries out its mission of significantly reducing energy use across the island.






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