JPS Welcomes New Solar Power Plant in Westmoreland Friday, July 05, 2019


Westmoreland,  Jamaica — The Jamaica Public Service (JPS) is welcoming a new 37 megawatt Independent Power Producer (IPP) solar power plant, constructed by Eight Rivers Energy Company in Westmoreland. 


The solar farm, now the largest in Jamaica, is the latest IPP to supply energy to the national grid, the JPS said in a report.


 JPS added that it has entered into a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement with the new renewable energy supplier, and has also given considerable technical support toward the plant’s optimal functionality.


According to the JPS, as part of preparation for the new solar plant, it carried out a number of upgrades to critical substations as well as the existing transmission network, to ensure the safe and successful connection of the Eight Rivers system to the JPS transmission systems.  


Other renewable energy providers who supply electricity to the grid are  Wigton Wind Farm, BMR Energy and Content Solar.