Jamaicans Urged To Plan For Mid-Year Dry Period

KINGSTON (JIS) — Head of the Meteorological Service, Jeffery Spooner is urging Jamaicans to plan for the mid-year dry period despite the traditional “May rains” the country is currently experiencing.

Speaking with JIS News Mr. Spooner says January to March, and to a lesser extent, July, are traditional dry periods, and that it is therefore incumbent on everyone to make plans for this occurrence.

“I would definitely want to encourage us to (begin planning) because we know that July is not one of the wetter periods…so we should start preparing for it,” he told JIS News.

Mr. Spooner pointed out that with the early dry season (January to April) is coming to a close, persons can expect the secondary rainfall period, which usually occurs in May.

“It’s a natural occurrence and that’s what gives us that bi-modal pattern that Jamaica experiences, but people need to start putting their plans in place to deal with reduced rainfall,” he pointed out.

Mr. Spooner noted that due to these weather patterns, rainwater harvesting techniques must be a staple strategy in future housing developments.

“That goes without saying rainwater harvesting should be a must in all developments being planned, going forward, and those that can be retrofitted should plan for rainwater harvesting as an option,” he stated.

In the meantime he is encouraging homeowners to put strategies and plans in place to accommodate the dry seasons that are anticipated.