Inaugural CARICOM Energy Personality Award presented to Hannah Olmberg-Soesman

A Surinamese, Ms. Olmberg-Soesman won from a field of seven persons who were nominated based on their outstanding role in the search for a Caribbean future in which sustainable and affordable energy is accessible to all.



With this Award, the CARICOM Secretariat has recognised the role of Ms. Olmberg-Soesman as a dynamic entrepreneur who introduced off-grid solar systems to remote villages in Suriname. The use of the solar systems has opened up possibilities for better school education, medical care and small-scale business in those communities, while eliminating the negative environmental impacts and the high cost of running and maintaining diesel-powered generators.


The Energy Personality Award was one of three regional competitions organised by the CARICOM Secretariat as part of the CARICOM Energy Month in November 2017. The others were the Young Energy Artist Competition and the Energy Month Youth Essay Competition.