IAEA Director General Visits TC Project Sites in Latin America

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei, visited four technical cooperation project sites in Latin America in March-April. Dr. ElBaradei met with senior officials and visited hospitals and institutes for oncology and nuclear medicine in Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Government heads and Ministers discussed areas of particular interest to these nations, including not only the continued and expanded application of nuclear techniques to benefit human health and agriculture, but also the possible consideration of the nuclear option for sustainable energy development. The Director General discussed the Agency’s role in the promotion of the peaceful uses of nuclear technology and heard proposals for new projects to address future development needs in the region.

While in Venezuela, the Director General visited the Dr. Luiz Razetti Oncological Hospital where a current TC project is underway to improve radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and medical imaging. In Ecuador he visited the Carlos Andrade Marin Hospital where, for over 20 years, TC projects have strengthened services there through the development and integration of nuclear medicine techniques. Finally, while in Bolivia, Dr. ElBaradei visited the Hospital de Clinicas and Instituto Nacional de Medicina Nuclear INAMEN (the Clinical Hospital and the National Nuclear Medicine Institute) and in Cuba the National Oncology Hospital; also recipients of training, fellowships and other assistance through IAEA technical cooperation projects.

Many successful IAEA projects in the Latin America region have resulted from the strong collaborative work between Member State government officials, partners and the Agency. The Director General’s visit to technical cooperation project sites highlighted the important role of TC and its effects on the well-being of the people of the region.