Cuban Electronic Components Factory Widens Production

Pinar del Rio, Cuba, Jan 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Ernesto Guevara Electronic Components Complex, a place where the only solar panel plant works in the island of Cuba, diversifies its production, with the reopening of the line dedicated to the obtention of energy supporting sources for computers, said their officials here Wednesday.

With a capacity of 100,000 annual units, this installation will finish nearly 20,000 units to supply the national needs in the field of computation and technology information, said engineer Alberto Falcon, the director of the Ernesto Guevara Complex.

Engineer Falcon said that after some improvements in the industry, it was possible to restart the production of the systems of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) with a great quality.

The complex makes photovoltaic modules of several formats to reach the 10 Megawatt of power a year.

In the factory, the workers make from the smallest (2 Watt) to the biggest (250 Watt), these last used to be synchronized to the national electric power net.

The modules produced by the complex, lighten zones in countries such as Bolivia, Venezuela, Japan, Belize, Ecuador and others.

Another Cuban expert, Yoandry Leon, said that another investment is being scheduled, and this might increase the possibilities to make greater panels to inject more energy to the national electric power net, and the making of photovoltaic systems that might be purchased by the population for domestic objectives.

Inaugurated in October 1987, this complex worked in the production of electronic components for more than 10 years, until it reoriented its social object in 2001, going towards the use of the alternative energy sources, progressively starting to export its own production of photovoltaic panels.