CEIS Focal Point Office

Ms. Anaely Saunders
Centro de Gestion de la Infromacion y Desarrolio de la Energia
Calle 20, No 4111 e/ 18-A y 47,
Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de la Habana,
Telefonos: 537-206-2069, 202-7527
Fax: 537-204-1188

News for Cuba

The Case for a Caribbean Carbon Market

Trinidad-industryIn an effort to scale-up climate change mitigation, the largest private sector engagement in the history of the United Nations was drafted to fund clean technology projects in developing countries. Carbon credits were to offset pollution in developed nations and pay for clean energy projects in...

Cuba to Increase Electric Power Generation by 2030

Montevideo, Apr 27.- A change in the electric power matrix will allow Cuba to increase its own energy production from 4 to 24 percent of the total by 2030, said an expert from the Cuban Energy and Mining Ministry on Wednesday. Ramsés Montes, the Ministry director, in an interview with Prensa...