CEIS Focal Point Office

Ms. Anaely Saunders
Centro de Gestion de la Infromacion y Desarrolio de la Energia
Calle 20, No 4111 e/ 18-A y 47,
Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de la Habana,
Telefonos: 537-206-2069, 202-7527
Fax: 537-204-1188

News for Cuba

Cuba and Vietnam Cooperate to Develop Energy Sources

Las Tunas, Cuba, Oct 5.- Cuban and Vietnamese specialists are introducing in the Caribbean island a new technology to generate energy using biogas, as explained on Tuesday in this city during a seminar that will run until October 14. Before the end of the year, two devices to produce biogas will...

Cuba ||Biogas Boosted in Holguin Province

The Cuban province of Holguin boasts of its 13 biogas plants By Alexis Rojas Aguilera / / The Cuban province of Holguin keeps on boosting the use of biogas as a renewable source of energy, and so far today there are 13 plants with anaerobic technology for the treatment of organic wastes aimed...

Cuba Promotes Solar Energy Potentials

Current solar energy potentials in Cuba was highlighted by Luis Berriz, president of the Cuban Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources and Respect for the Environment. The island country can install one and a half million square meters of solar heaters to heat up water in houses, industries and...