CEIS Focal Point Office

Ms. Anaely Saunders
Centro de Gestion de la Infromacion y Desarrolio de la Energia
Calle 20, No 4111 e/ 18-A y 47,
Miramar, Playa, Ciudad de la Habana,
Telefonos: 537-206-2069, 202-7527
Fax: 537-204-1188

News for Cuba

Cuba Eliminates Ozone-Layer-Exhausting Substances

October 5, 2015       Havana (Prensa Latina) Cuban experts are giving the final touches a plant with Japanese technology to destroy substances that exhaust the ozone layer (OLES), the fragile gas stratus that prevents the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation from damaging life on Earth. Master of Science Natacha Figueredo,...

Domineering Drought in Cuba

October 5, 2015       In 2015, Cuba has shown a worrying lack of rain as in the first seven months of the year only 70% of the usual average rainfall for the country during this period was reported. Throughout the nation, the level of the reservoirs is found...

Grenada Joins Regional Call For Action On Climate Change

October 3, 2015       NEW YORK, USA — A framework for climate change “cannot wait,” Grenada’s foreign minister said on Friday, joining other leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean calling for urgent action in the United Nations General Assembly. “The impacts of climate change are already being...